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Boiled eggs (2 eggs) 3-6-10 minutes 500 HUF
Fried eggs (2 eggs) 500 HUF
Fried Ham and Eggs (3 eggs) 1290 HUF
Bacon and Eggs (3 eggs) 1290 HUF
Scrambled eggs (3 eggs) 800 HUF
Omelettes (3 eggs) 800 HUF

Fillings: onion, pepper, tomato, ham, bacon, cheese, mushroom, mangalica pork sausage /piece

Extra fillings: salmon, spinach, mangalica pork dryed ham, caviar /piece (2,4,14)

200 HUF

600 HUF

Breakfast Main Courses


Egg coated french toast served with shallot flavoured sour cream (1,3,7)

1450 HUF

French toast filled with ham and cheese served with shallot flavoured sour cream (1,3,7)

1750 HUF

Fried foamy egg coated home-made sweet brioche with cream fresh strawberry (1,3,7)

1650 HUF

Croque Monsieur (made with croissant) with Dijon mustard and ham (1,3,7,8,10)

1790 HUF

Eggs Benedict

(English muffin toast, poached eggs, turkey ham, mixed green salad, Hollandaise sauce) (1,3,7)

1790 HUF

French Breakfast

(2 pc. croissants, homemade jam duo and butter)

1390 HUF

Aged beef steak (100g) with fried eggs and bacon-mushroom ragout (3,7)

2650 HUF

 American pancake with maple syrup (1,3,7)

1450 HUF

Extra fillings (Jam, chocolate, nutella (5,8), blueberries, banana) /piece

200 HUF

Musli with yogurt or milk and dried fruits (1,5,7,8)

1750 HUF

Wiener hot dog sausage with ruccola, tomatoes and English mustard (10) 

1390 HUF

Hungarian Cold Breakfast on wood plate (3,7)

(Bacon, mangalica pork sausage, cold cuts pate, cheese, fresh vegetables)

2190 HUF

English Breakfast

(2 fried eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and sausage, baked tomato beans, hasbrown, porcini) (1,3)

2550 HUF

Hungarian style egg "Letcho" with roasted homemade pork sausage (3,7)

2250 HUF



Mangalica pork ham croissant (1,3,7)

(Ham, cheese, tomato, roman lettuce, cucumber, mixed green salad)

1750 HUF

Cheese-cucumber croissant (1,7) (V)

(cheese, cucumber, romain lettuce)

1550 HUF




Chilled duck liver, orange quince chutney, radish (1,3)

2750 HUF

Pork rilette in own fat with saour pearl onion, horseradish cream and paprika flavoured home made bread (1,7)

2150 HUF

Grilled goat cheese with beet root textures (1,7,10) (V)

2350 HUF




Legendary goulash soup with noodles served in red pot 0,5l (1.3.9)

2150 HUF

Hungarian style fisherman soup with carp fillet and noodles (1,4) (V)

2150 HUF

Soup of the day (1,7,9) (fresh, sesonal food ingredient)

1650 HUF

Extra basket of bread

300 HUF




Beef stew Hungarian  style served with bacon wrapped sheep cheese noodles (1,3,7,9)

3650 HUF

Paprikash farm chicken with egg noodles and marinated cucumber (1,3,7,9)

3250 HUF

Aged rump steak (180g) „Budapest” style with porcini and grilled duck liver (7,9)

6950 HUF

Hungarian style stuffed cabbage with roasted pork belly (7,9)

3350 HUF





Tagliatelle with tomato-duck ragout and parmesan (1,3,7,9)

3650 HUF

Salmon stuffed giant ravioli with goat cheese in beet root velouté (1,3,4,7,9) (V)

4150 HUF




Salmon fillet with dill fennel, green beens and parsnip velouté (4,7) (V)

4850 HUF

Rose duck breast fillet served with red wine plum puree, vanilla flavoured cottage cheese donut and pak choi (1,3,7)

3950 HUF

Soft pork collar with breaded black pudding, celery puree and potato "Dödölle"

3650 HUF

Grilled aged Angus rump steak served with "mangalica" pork sausage, porcini, potatoes and racy paprika sauce (7,9)

7250 HUF

Leg of duck confit with roasted red cabbage puree, figs and pumpkin-potato strudel (1,3,7)

4150 HUF

Aged beef "Stefania" served with winter vegetables and rosemary jus (7,9)

4250 HUF




Bistro ”Club” sandwich, with mangalitza pork ham and roasted potatoes (1,3,10)

3250 HUF

Smoked paprika flavoured "Beef Tatar" with mixed green salad (1,3,7,10)

2850 HUF

Hungarian Bistro cold stuff on wood plate

(Mangalitza sausage and salami, tomatoes, goat cheese cream, spring onions, homemade bread) (1,7,10)

2850 HUF

”Budapest” Club Burger with cheddar cheese, crunchy onion and sesame oil flavoured coleslaw salad (1,3,7,10,11)

3350 HUF

Classic Caesar salad (V) (1,3,4,7,10)

- with chicken

2550 HUF

+650 HUF




Home-made cottage cheese balls in sweet crumbs served with honey-sour cream and sugar (1,3,7)

1750 HUF

Artisan cake selection from the bar


950-1050 HUF

Artisan cheese selection with fresh fruits (V)

2650 HUF


(V) Vegetarian foods


Allergen labeling

(1. Gluten) (2. Crustaceans) (3. Eggs) (4. Fish) (5. Peanut) (6. Soybeans) (7. Milk) (8. Nuts) (9. Celery) (10. Mustard)

(11. Seasame) (12. Sulphur dioxide) (13. Lupine) (14. Shellfish)


For your information, the final bill includes 12% service fee over the listed prices.

Our prices are valid in Hungarian forints. (HUF)



Chefs: Szantaj Szvetlana and Hegedűs Balázs

Restaurant Director: Arany Tibor

Restaurant Manager: Kurta Norbert

Baker: Ricsóka Gábor

Piano Zsigmond László

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